The Dazzling Attractions of Egypt

Located in north-east Africa and providing a link to the Middle East, Egypt is one of the most visited countries in the world and, unless you are here for a long visit, it is almost impossible to see all the great attractions that the country offers. The attractions are also extremely diverse and are guaranteed to take care of the tastes of different tourists. While most people might only know Egypt from religious and historical records, this destination is also home to splendid beaches, a desert and also the world’s longest river.

Few destinations can compete with Egypt in terms of historical attractions. The pyramids of Giza and the giant Sphinx (one of the great wonders of the Great Wonders of the ancient world) are outstanding landmarks that have continued to attract and awe visitors to Egypt. The architecture of the pyramids, which were built as tombs for ancient Egyptian pharaohs is so mind-boggling that there have been claims that they were probably built by Martians.

In addition to the presence of countless mosques and Islamic schools, Egypt is home to a great number of ancient temples. The greatest of these temples are to be seen at the Abu Simbel archeological site. Carved out of a mountainside in the 13th century BC, the twin temples are a sight to behold and speak volumes about the architectural capabilities of ancient Egyptians. The temples are huge and giant statues guard the entrance while many archeological paintings decorate the inside walls.

Since it might prove impossible to visit all the important historical sites in Egypt, it might be a great idea to visit Cairo’s Egyptian Museum. Much of Egyptian history is captured here in the form countless artifacts.

Egypt is not just great for the history buff. The world’s longest river, the Nile, ends its long journey here and you can see the river in all its glory in the town of Aswan. A visit to Egypt would not be complete without taking a cruise on the Nile where ancient sailing boats, the feluccas, are used to ferry passengers. The sailing routes are scenic and while feluccas are not entirely comfortable, they provide the kind of adventure that will make you remember Egypt for the rest of your life.

Egypt is also home to plenty of beaches and the most outstanding location is the Sinai Peninsula where the world famous Sharm el-Sheikh resort is located. This resort is home to luxury hotels but the budget traveler can still enjoy the beaches and the desert from the town of Dahab where reasonably priced accommodation is available.